Reasons for why Diets for losing weight DON'T Work

In the modern world, where beauty standards for women are restricted to a slim, slender, and curvy body, feeling wrong about your figure and worrying about your health can sometimes be overwhelming. Most women work tirelessly in the gym for hours while following the latest diet, they don't even enjoy or get results from.
Since a young age, I have been one of these girls who struggled hard to gain good health, and the torture that I put myself into was physically and mentally unbearable! I tried various diets that were in trend to find the one perfect regime that could take away all my worries regarding my health. But to be honest, the so-called trendy diets only worsened my relationship with food and pushed me into a horrible and stressful situation. For years, instead of educating myself about making healthier food choices, I blindly followed this never-ending sequence of unhealthy and unsustainable diets. When I finally became conscious of what I was doing wrong, I planned to extend my knowledge to others like me. Below, you’ll find remarkable information that I have gained in my journey to achieve a healthy mind and body.

Don't get taken away with anything in trend!

We are living in the era of the rise of social media, and no one can deny it. I have seen my acquaintances who fall prey to these EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY DIETS that are being raved about all over the internet. Some of these are the Atkins diet, Paleo, Vegan diet, The Dukan Diet, or the Ketogenic diet. According to research, these regimes are mainly affecting women of young age between 18-35 years. Unfortunately, if these plans do not suit you well it can also result in poor mental and physical health.
I don't say that these diets are unhealthy and should not be followed. In my opinion, these are more like a doctor's prescription; if your dietitian suggests you follow these diets while keeping in view your health condition, they may prove to be healthy and effective in your case.
But if you are only fascinated by the internet's or any book’s suggested weight loss plans, then you are only damaging your health. These plans are not made for everyone to choose and follow. If you want to lose weight or treat any disease through diet plans, then instead of self-medicating, reach out to a dietitian and explain your problems to them so they can suggest whatever is best for you.

Diets Are Unsustainable:

Some diets are unsustainable because of two major reasons:
  • This unsustainability occurs because the majority of people find it challenging to comply with the regime timing and foods and hence fail to get results.
  • On the other hand, when you start a diet plan, you follow it for a week or a few months, but what will you do after that?
Once you shift back to your regular diet, your body starts to regain the lost weight and can cause side effects as bloating, dehydration, or irritability. Only changing the type of food that you eat will not create long-lasting changes and can revert to your older weight and body. Hence, it is important to slowly build new habits that you can follow rather than running after a temporary result that won’t last.

Listen To What Your Body Is Telling You:

Generalized diet plans are not tailored-fit according to your needs, gender, and preferences. Additionally, most people find it difficult to adjust it according to their lifestyle. So if you start following one without proper guidance from a dietitian, you can get really confused and even damage your health with foods that are not good for you. Such diets ignore what your body is telling you and fail to help you make an educated guess on how to make the right decisions. They may even make you feel like you will throw away all your effort when you visit a restaurant and can't decide what to eat that will be healthy and low in calories, just because it wasn’t written on your plan.

Take Baby Steps to Achieve Big Goals:

To encourage your body to adhere to a specific regime and become healthier, you need to develop dietary changes rather than complying with a whole diet plan. Take baby steps and choose healthy foods while replacing them with your beloved yet unhealthy choices, and you will see that your outcome might be slower but will be long-lasting.
If you ever try to follow a weight loss diet plan, there is a big chance that you will start craving certain foods more than your usual cravings. These yearnings start when you restrain yourself from dwelling over any temptations. Your mind starts to trick you in pushing you to eat whatever you want, which makes it harder for you to swear by your diet plan. Always ask for some healthy snack alternatives to treat your urges. And if you feel like you have gone out of the path, just get back on track on the next meal, instead of waiting for next Monday. 

My Take on all of this?

Losing weight and achieving a healthier mind and body is possible for every woman. You just need to be patient and let your body absorb all the changes slowly. Listen to your body, and make sure to reach out to a dietitian for getting your diet plan, and Stop Falling for These In-Trend or Latest Diets!

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