Myths and Realities about the Detox trend

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Detox and cleanses have become part of the most popular trends in the world of health and fitness. These regimes claim to clean your blood and body from harmful toxins. Moreover, the trend promises other magical results, including: 

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Improved hair quality 
  • Healthy nails
  • Boost energy levels 
  • Improved Immunity
  • Glowing skin 

Doesn't that sound wonderful? The tendency has become so popular that today, every one out of two women is trying to adapt it to benefit from its promised outcomes.

But wait a minute! Aren't our liver and kidneys doing exactly the same since we were born? Because now that these too-good-to-be-true fads exist, it seems like these organs sit there in our body having an 'existential crisis' and have no apparent purpose [sigh]... 

So why do we need to indulge in this crazy trend? In case someone is having serious health problems due to severe toxic chemicals in their body, then they probably need a doctor, not a detox juice. 

There is no known scientifically proven evidence that clarifies that detox diets or juice cleanses are beneficial for a person's wellbeing. Instead, sometimes they can lead to severe abnormalities and health concerns. Yet, we still hear about crazy patches under your feet, green juices, teas, and other whatnots that promise to detoxify your whole body within a day or two. Let us have a look at some myths created by the social media influencers.

Myth #1: Detox Water will rejuvenate your skin and regulate your pH Levels. 

Detox water is regular water infused with particular vegetables, fruits, and herbs to 'gain' their optimal benefits and become healthy. The most popular detox waters are Cucumber-water and Lime-water, widely known for brightening, rejuvenating skin, and reducing weight rapidly. Moreover, it is also often said that detox water improves your pH levels.

Verdict: FALSE. 

 A document published by the NHS concludes that "Detox diets are marketing myths rather than nutritional reality."  Furthermore, it asserts that these combo detox waters do not guarantee a healthy rejuvenating and brightening skin. However, drinking water alone is the most beneficial trick to achieve your desired health goals. Your body doesn't need these detox flavored-water to detoxify from harmful chemicals; just drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily can help your kidneys and liver work efficiently and keep your body and skin hydrated and fresh. Not to mention, that detox water will NOT fix the pH levels of your body

Myth #2: Detox Foods will Improve your Heart Condition, Amplify Immunity, and Digestion Power:

Another detox myth is that eating only vegetables will reduce cardiovascular problems by keeping the blood and cholesterol levels stable. Moreover, it claims to amplify your immunity and digestion power while maintaining your outer attractiveness. Why not also saying that it can give you super-powers too? 

Verdict: Only Partially True. 

We all know that a healthy diet packed with fresh veggies and fruits will benefit our minds and bodies in several ways as vegetables naturally provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, promoting good physical and mental strength. Nevertheless thinking that eating only a single food for the whole day or exceeding limits will magically solve all your problems is false. You need to consume all five food groups moderately and not just focus on any one of them. You may have heard that anything that reaches its excessive limits is unfavorable for your wellbeing. Thus, learn to keep a balance in your eating habits and let your organs do their job. By following such trends, you will only strain your body instead of benefiting it. 

Myth #3: Detox Fasting will Help you Lose Weight:

Detox fasting diet plan claims to lose your weight just in a matter of days. It professes that if you fast for the whole day without eating and drinking anything, you'll visibly see some pounds lifting off from your weight machine. 

Verdict: FALSE (Unless you count water weight?). 

By starving yourself, you will only lose a few kilos or pounds in terms of water and glucose, not fat. The weight that you'll soon gain back by drinking water or eating again. 

Instead, you'll undergo dizziness, lightheadedness, muscle aches, low blood sugar levels, etc. because of low food intake. Another bad hit is that whenever you stop fasting, you'll rapidly watch yourself overindulging on food, which can lead to serious weight gain. 

What can you do instead of following these ridiculous trends?

You don't need to follow any detox diet because your body naturally has the ability to fight off these problems. Every organ in your body has its functionalities. Kidneys remove waste products and excess fluid from the body while the liver filters the blood coming from the digestive tract. Moreover, if you’re a woman, your body exterminates toxic chemicals and bad blood via the menstruation cycle. 

Your body has a built-in well-structured system to purify and eliminate unwanted waste and toxins, which naturally boosts by the intake of healthy foods and enough water. So don't waste your energy on these social-media popular yet fad diet trends. If, on the other hand, you feel 'toxic' like that Britney Spears song, GO TO A DOCTOR URGENTLY! Only introduce something new in your diet by consulting your dietitian or family doctor.    

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