How to Become Free: 6 Truths About Freedom

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Today I want to talk about freedom, ESPECIALLY because we are going through difficult times due to the pandemic. In some countries (like Panama), many people have been forced to be locked up at their homes for months. In other places, the measures against the virus are not as strict, but we still feel that we don’t have the same 'freedom' as before. However, I also believe that sometimes we are wrong about what liberty or freedom means.

8 years ago, I decided to grab my suitcases, and cross an entire ocean by myself, in order to find freedom. However, as I describe in my article "What happens after ‘happily ever after’?", I ran into many challenges. Here are the 6 things I learned about true freedom, in case you're looking for it as well ...

#1 Freedom isn't hedonistic

Being free is not easy. It comes at a price.  To be free isn't necessarily to do whatever pleases you, as you want it and when you want it. Being free comes with great responsibilities. We can decide what we want to do with our lives, but we are liable for the consequences of our decisions.

# 2 Freedom isn’t a possession

There is a song in Spanish from a band called Buena Fe that speaks about freedom. The song describes freedom as a cheery young woman that takes pleasure from seducing a person’s senses. The lyrics continue to say that she is “hot” when we are her lovers but will leave us if we feel like we own her.

Personally, I think the metaphor is quite accurate. It takes effort to be independent, but it is possible. However, social norms, subjective messages being massively repeated by the media, and our own bad habits, manage to enslave us constantly. We do not own freedom; we have to earn it every day.

# 3 Freedom is a transaction

You have the privilege of choosing what you want but you must understand that it involves sacrifices. I wake up early because I decided that I want to increase my productivity. I sacrifice a life of financial stability because I decide that I want to dedicate myself to doing what I love. I cook lunch instead of buying it because I want to be healthier. Freedom is like any other transaction or barter. You must balance the costs and earnings to decide if the offer is worth being taken.

# 4 Freedom makes you miss dependence

As I mentioned before, 8 years ago I left my parents' home and defied all the norms of what society said I should do. I must confess that it was not easy at all, and still is not. I miss the luxuries like going to the beach on the weekends, not paying rent, long conversations with my sisters, and the day when money didn't directly cause me any stress.

Being dependent allows you to think less, worry less, and make fewer decisions. There might be no consequences when you’re dependent unless what we depend on, fails to support us. However, you must remember that if you returned to that point, you would also be depriving yourself of aspiring to more in life. 

# 5 Freedom is scary

Freedom is uncomfortable and that makes it scary. But it feels good when you know something is yours because you made the sacrifice that goes into obtaining it. Having muscle mass and strength, knowing that you sacrificed hours in the gym. Feeling like you can run a marathon, after months of practice and missed parties. Furthermore, you can get to meet amazing people who are willing to help you move forward when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

# 6 Freedom is worth it

You are an extraordinary person who deserves to get up and manage to conquer the difficult situations in your life. I know you've probably fallen countless times, but that is an inherent part of growing up. I want you to know that every day that passes and you feel that things get hard, it is you who conquers freedom by assuming every challenge along the way

Lack the motivation to step out of your comfort zone to find your own freedom? Contact me, no matter where you are.  I can give you the tools you might need to find your true independent and healthy self! 

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