The Problem With Labeling Food Morally

(How could you sabotage your diet by categorizing what you eat)

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Do you have to fight your demons for resisting all of your favorite meals because they are 'bad'? Are you one of those who comprehend food as "evil or good"? 

Even though we live in the 21st century, yet the habit of passing judgment to food has become a prevailing trend. I have spent many years of my life in this blame game, but once I got acquainted with the side effects, I immediately stopped myself from indulging in this practice. Now I name my foods as optimal and less optimal for our goals because this sounds more accurate and suitable. I believe that eating should be a delightful and nourishing experience, but instead, we hold ourselves accountable and blame ourselves for eating poorly. 

Food does not have any moral implications attached to it. Whatever you eat will not define your personality, so take a deep breath and stop cursing yourself for eating something that you were 'not supposed' to eat. 

What does "BAD FOODS" mean?

Categorizing food as "bad" is senseless and unhealthy for your emotional health. The word "bad" is supposed to mean unethical or faulty and negatively connotates that eating something will completely destroy your health or make you gain weight instantly. Whereas eating one unhealthy element in a meal does not make it bad.

Labeling Food Harms Your Mental Health:

As humans, we like to instantly categorize food and label them as "good" or "bad" just by our perspective of its nutritional value. Naming them as optimal and less optimal is better because it does not damage your relationship with food. Food cultures are altered and predefined by our family values and society in some way that whenever we see certain food items, we create an assumption about it, whether it is good or bad. 

For example, when you see a bowl of salad or fruits, you label it as "good." But whenever you eat a bowl of pasta or cheddar dip burgers, instead of enjoying the meal, you tend to consume yourself in the guilt of eating "bad." This guilt and stress take away most of your mental space and drags you towards the endless road of confusion and depression. This type of thinking may not look like a great deal at first, but it can shake up your entire routine of choosing and eating food.

Health Issues Related To Categorizing Meals:

When you start stressing over these petty things, your mind and body get consumed by negative energy and eventually result in anxiety, migraines, mental disturbance, hypertension, and overly conscious behavior. Moreover, your immune system is directly connected to your mind, and a little misbalance can affect your health in several ways. It's like when you eat something unhealthy, it may not affect your body, but the thought of putting "bad" food in your body will definitely disrupt your immunity. This is the typical thought of '' well ... since I sinned, I better start over on Monday and continue eating badly ''.

For some, believing that they have eaten something "bad" will make them grumpy and promote overeating by thinking I already ruined all their efforts so they might as well have more of it. 

Obstacles Of Starting A Healthier Lifestyle:

When taking your first step towards your health and fitness journey or introducing yourself to a new diet plan, the habit of food labeling can create several hurdles in your way. You may have become a victim of getting easily distracted by fast foods during your diet plans, but letting yourself consume a tremendous amount of guilt and shame after eating will demotivate you.

You may tend to overindulge those foods you've labeled as "good," but they might not be as good as you think in excessive amounts. Although avoiding the labeled "bad" foods can forfeit you from the taste of delicious foods and enjoying family meals. 

The Right Way To Label Foods:

Stop dooming yourself over food and start enjoying whatever meal you like. Food is neither good nor bad; it is something in between that can be less optimal and more optimal for your health depending upon their nutritional values. You have done nothing wrong by eating your favorite burger, it may be less healthy than other nutritious food, but it is not 'bad". Prioritize eating whatever your heart and body demand without caring about rules and arbitrary labels. 

Being healthy does not mean to consume fewer calories and avoiding fat or carbs altogether. Rather it is more about taking care of your entire body, including your mental peace, desires, and sustaining cherishable moments. 

Did you eat something that was 'not in your diet'? Let it go and continue to improve your eating habits little by little at the next meal, instead of throwing away all your efforts. A salad is not going to make you lose weight and a pizza is not going to make you go into obesity. It is your constant habits that will lead you to sustainable and lasting success ...

Do you need to put together a plan that helps you achieve your health goals without feeling miserable? Contact me and together we can find the best strategy for you!

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